Our dedicated and highly trained team is committed to delivering the highest quality of care across a range of specialties, while making your treatment sessions as comfortable and welcoming as possible.  
At Physiocare Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre, our mission is to deliver you with the patient care you deserve and get you in top condition as quickly as possible. That's why we continually invest in our people, practice and equipment to make sure you receive the highest standard of care.  
We are pleased to introduce deep oscillation therapy in Nepean area while offering you with the wide spectrum of specialized clinical physiotherapy services at one site saving you from the hassle of being referred from one clinic to another to address all your physiotherapy needs. These include treatment and rehabilitation following concussion, urinary incontinence, blocked milk ducts, arthritis, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, neck and back issues, TMJ and jaw pain, neurological conditions that need physiotherapy intervention like Parkinson's disease etc. We also offer ADP assessments for walkers and wheelchairs along with custom orthotics, custom braces and compression socks.

We, at Physiocare take pride in ourselves in providing the best services possible, striving to make sure that our patients are able to restore their function and mobility with our highly skilled services
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Our Team
  1. Gunjan Vermani
    Gunjan Vermani
    Director and Registered Physiotherapist She has been practicing physiotherapy from 2006 and completed her 2 years specialization in Neurological Sciences (University Topper) in 2008. She has been taking many hands-on workshops and courses to continuously enhance her clinical knowledge and skills. Gunjan is certified in the treatment of urinary incontinence, central pain management, Concussion rehab, Manual therapy level 1, and performs acupuncture and dry needling. She is also an ADP Authorizer for walkers and wheelchairs apart from assessing and prescribing for orthotics, compression socks and custom bracing.
  2. Vijay Sharma
    Vijay Sharma
    Manager and Registered Physiotherapist With his over 10 years of practice in physiotherapy, he has experience in sports injuries, orthopaedic injuries and disorders, arthritis and related conditions like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders etc, and various neurological conditions like Parkinson's Ds., Traumatic Brain and spinal cord injuries etc. He completed his ACPAC -Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Arthritis Care certification from University of Toronto in 2015 while practicing and managing a few clinics in Ottawa and he was first one to do that from any clinic in Canada. He is a firm believer in continually updating his skills and is certified in TMJ/jaw pain treatment,arthritic care, Manual therapy, Concussion rehab, Vestibular rehab, Graston technique, Acupuncture, Dry needling, Chinese traditional Cupping, M2T Blade and Kinesiology Taping. He is ADP authorized for walkers and wheel chairs and can prescribe custom orthotics, compression socks and custom braces
  3. Mehul Patel
    Mehul Patel
    Registered Physiotherapist He earned the degree of Bachelors of Physiotherapy in 2008 with honours. Mehul completed his clinical apprenticeship and was mentored by experienced orthopaedic surgeons & neurologists. Mehul identifies root causes of pain and biomechanical dysfunction while providing proper education to his patients on factors behind injury, physical faults and gives ergonomics advices. He employs a variety of specific manual techniques along with therapeutic exercises to address patients’ needs. Mehul has undertaken certification courses in Concussion rehabilitation, TMJ and jaw pain management, Kinesio taping, M2T blade, mulligan mobilization techniques to name a few and also performs acupuncture and dry needling.
  4. Svetlana Lopez Vargas
    Svetlana Lopez Vargas
    Registered Massage Therapist Since graduating from CDI College as a registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in 2006, Svetlana has had the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary clinics alongside physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, providing treatments to clients with wide variety of conditions, including chronic strain, postural imbalances, sports injuries, post surgeries, pregnancy massage. She has also experienced firsthand the benefits massage can bring to those suffering from systemic conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s. Svetlana’s goal has been to continue learning as much as possible to give her clients the most up-to-date and effective treatments. Among her postgraduate courses are: • Hot Stone Therapy • Electrotherapy and Therapeutic Ultrasound • Deep Connective Tissue Massage • Muscle Energy and Isometric Techniques In order to achieve her client’s goals on their road of recovery Svetlana uses different techniques of Swedish Massage. Svetlana is a member in good standing of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian.
  5. German Portela
    German Portela
    Registered Massage Therapist German is originally from Havana, Cuba. He was graduated in 2006 from the 2200-hour massage therapy program at CDI College. He is a member in good standing of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Over the course of his 10 years in practice, German has specialized in treating patients with headaches, neck, shoulder and lower back conditions, sport injuries, pregnancy and paediatrics massage. He strongly believes that regular massage treatments are not only an excellent way to relieve stress, but also play an important role in achieving and maintaining an excellent health, happiness, and a well-balanced life. During his treatments German uses unique variety of Swedish and Seitai deep and relaxation massage techniques, keeping focus on his client’s comfort and their individual needs. He also includes muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, visceral and lymphatic therapy. These techniques are very gentle, making them ideal for clients who are uncomfortable with deep pressure. German is proficient in English, Spanish, Russian and Bulgarian languages.
  6. Balmeet Toor
    Balmeet Toor
    Certified Canadian and National Counsellor Balmeet graduated with her B. A. in Psychology in 2010 from Carleton University and went on to finish her MSc. in Counseling Psychology in 2016. She has over 4 years of clinical experience with ages ranging from 19-90 years old. Balmeet has conducted research in the field of sports psychology, has presented at conferences and won awards. She is trained to provide mental health services that target high performance areas and sports. Specific areas of service include, but are not limited to pain management, maintaining motivation, anxiety management, coping with competitive pressure, body image issues, confidence issues, enhancing performance, and recovering from injury. The goal is to provide the client with mental strategies to help them overcome physical and mental obstacles to achieve their full potential.